Idris Elba for Details, Septembar 2014 Issue by Mark Seliger



Andrew Garfield in the teaser for Arcade Fire’s new music video “We Exist”

Shingeki no Kyojin characters and the Mirror or Erised » A mirror which shows nothing but the deepest and most desperate desire of one’s heart.

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scarlett johansson for dolce and gabbana, the one

 28/100 pictures of Thomas William Hiddleston 

excuse me, HOLD UP ONE GODDAMN MINUTE. That is a Cleveland Indians hat that this beautiful man has on his head!! I’m from Ohio and I just…I just…I CANNOT HANDLE YOU ANYMORE, TOM. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! YOU ARE SLOWLY TAKING OVER EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE.


You, sir, play a very suggestive game of charades. (x)